Saturday, October 29, 2011

High and Low (A hike and a stroll)

10-25-2011 (Crystal Lakes)

A dash to the still-colorful Crystal Lakes off SR 410 (between Enumclaw/Chinook Pass). Made it just in time for the last of the fall color before winter sets in. The trail was frosty but no snow (yet) to speak of. A little ice at the edge of the lake. We climbed above Upper Crystal Lake to look down on the lake and to the un-named gap as if we were headed toward Sourdough Gap (we could see Sourdough Gap from the "Gap Without A Name") but time was running out and the sun would descend all too soon. This hike makes a good fall hike even with a little snow. Might be OK until mid to late November. Time to carry (or use) traction devices, poles or ice axe if heading above the lakes or hiking to Crystal Peak (you can also hike to Crystal Peak by starting out on the Crystal Lake trail). With two cars you can turn this into a 6-mile one-way hike from Chinook Pass to the Crystal Lakes trailhead or vice versa but Time is off the essence these days. You might want to save the one-way hike until next summer as it takes time to set up a car shuttle.

The stroll was yesterday (10-28) through Lincoln Park, what we call a "desperation hike", simply to get outside and get some fresh air, snap a few fall-color photos before returning to the prison of a very tiny house. It's enough to keep Bob and I both sane as we suffer from SAD (SAD seems to intensify as we age).

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