Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Geezers and Geeks

First I was going to rhapsodize about how pretty Camp Long was today with ice on the pond and Indian plum bursting into bloom. Then, I noticed a minor error in the layout of my blog and spent an hour of frustration attempting to fix it. All to no avail and it wasn’t long before the gladness I carried home from the park turned to wrathful ire.

Once again I am hunkered down in that digital battlefield, a geezer unprepared to win the endless battle against cyberspace. I sometimes wonder if my computer is haunted. I hit the “save” button to save something and it vanishes, never to be seen again. Or it might pop up like a pimple on another page.

Anyone who is not a geezer can set up a blog while walking the dog and texting. That ain’t me, Babe.

I just wish I had a geek in the family. This old broad has gotta learn her way around this foreign country of blogs, web pages, texting and whatever they come up with next. At least I don’t have to worry about “sexting’ at my age.

Wish I could have gushed on about how pretty the crocuses were or the ice abstractions on the pond that looked like something an abstract expressionist might have dreamed up.

Right now, I’ve got a sore throat from yelling at the computer.


Jennifer Johnson said...

Hang in there, Karen! You'll get it worked out. I'm glad you're doing this blog. I'll put you on my blogroll so I can follow you. Take care of yourself!

karen said...

Hi Jennifer - good to hear from you! Setting it up - even with help - has been daunting. But I have no regrets. Once I get the kinks out of this, it will be fun.

Send me the info on your blog and I'll add it to my list of recommended blogs.

Grizzy said...

When my son comes back from Geek College I'll lend him to you Karen! This blog looks great though! :)

Stay well,