Monday, March 16, 2009

Hiking Blog

I've started a new blog that will focus entirely on hikes, past and present, including updates on hikes previously published by the Seattle Post Intelligencer over the past 13 years. As I return to trails previously described I will update them in this new blog.


toomanypasswords said...

I have very much enjoyed your HOTW columns since the late 1990's. Reading them online in places where I have lived, like Finland and the Bay Area, far from the actual Pacific NW trails. Please don't let HOTW go away! All the best

Mary said...


I am so glad I found my way to this as I have so many of your weekly hike writeups saved. I am currently the Hiking Chair for a group of hikers in the Tri Cities called Fun, Fit and Over Fifty and as I am planning the hikes for the next quarter, I am always drawn to your suggestions. So I look forward to your blog.

Mary Cooke

Crzydazy said...

I found your blog through WTA. Searching for hikes on-line I have found many of your articles. You have taken me on many adventures and for that I thank you! Best of luck and happy blogging!

karen said...

Thank you! I will continue to write up a hike once a week or so - maybe more often as the weather improves.

They might not be as detailed as they have appeared in the PI - so let me know what part of "Hike of the Week" that was most important to you.

Also, most hikes will appear on my other blog

I'll talk about hiking in this blog too but with a more philosophical slant and an occasional rant or rave about what's on my mind in general.


puttergirl said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I'm a new hiker in the Mtn Loop area and I am so glad you're posting previous and future hike information. You are a treasure.

Crzydazy said...

Karen, I find directions and elevation gain most important in regards to information, but the commentary and pictures is what sells the hike. I’m so glad you are going to continue with your reviews. Maybe I’ll quit my day job and join you ! :)