Thursday, March 12, 2009


I got a surprise today after I got home from stomping up the Section Line Trail on Tiger Mountain. With no end date for the PI yet in sight, they have requested another Hike of the Week from me so this week's HOTW (Cougar Mountain) is not the last hike.

The HOTW for NEXT week MAY be the last HOTW. Stay tuned, I'll keep you posted. I have three hikes to choose from for the column next week .... I'm dithering. A couple of road walks with great photos or a more traditional hike - such as the Section Line Trail on Tiger.

The road walks: the Trout Creek road (off Index Galena Road), or the Middle Fork Road from the closure with an exploration of the Mine Creek Recreation Area OR the slippery slide of the Section Line trail.

What do you think? Your opinion might help me decide. I hate making decisions.

By the way if you hike on Tiger the next day or two (or anywhere) you'll probably want some sort of traction devices. I got by fine with Yak Trax.


solohiker said...

Karen, what was your very first HOTW? Do you have it in your archives? Is it a hike you can do this time of year? Wouldn't it be interesting to finish with the same hike you started, but notice how different it is (because I'm sure it is - trees will be taller, or perhaps it's a location that's sustained significant damage over the years). Noting how different it is than the original hike there so many years ago would let us readers know that the hike goes on even if Getaways is no longer delivered to our doorstep.

Austin said...

Personally, I would love to see the idea that solohiker proposed included in the next HOTW. If you need to use the three that you spoke of, I think it would be best to do the Middle Fork Road.

solohiker said...

OK, I should have read your other entries and I could have answered my own question. The Stillaguamush! Maybe you can't repeat the same hike as your first - I'm not sure how far up the Mt Loop road you have to go to get to the trail head - but you can do an even better spin on that for your finale - you can go down stream. You started your column hiking to the base of the Stillaguamush peak, wouldn't it be a cool metaphor to finish it up where the river joins the waters of the Puget Sound - to become part of a totally new body of water ... I can provide a Kayak image for you to label "sailing off into the future!!"? OK, just a thought - and at that only because you asked. And I realize it's not even part of your multiple choice question, but it was an idea that popped into my head and I couldn't resist.