Sunday, March 22, 2009

Photo trip to Clear Creek (Darrington), 3-21-09

As much as I'd like to write this up as a "hike", it really wasn't a hike so for now this seems the best place to put this.

We drove up to Darrington for a presentation put on by the Darrington Historical Society about the bridges there (past and present railway and foot bridges). That was both fascinating and enjoyable. You might want to consider joining the Darrington Historical Society - it's good for them and good for us too as they keep you up to date on events such as yesterdays. Annual dues are $10. Their address: Darrington Historical Society, POB 1130, Darrington, WA 98241.

We allowed plenty of time for photography before and after the presentation. We spent most of our time on the Mountain Loop from Darrington between the Clear Creek Campground and a bit further up the Mountain Loop where Clear Creek meets the Sauk River.

There was still a little snow but the sun was shining, a mixed blessing for photographers. We were so engrossed in our photography that we almost missed the presentation.

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